Pre-Photo Tips-Before your Shoot

Are you ready for your Glamour Photo-Shoot?

Creating beautiful sexy photos is my passion. But, you just can't show up unprepared and expect to have great results. It takes planning and details to create luxurious, sexy photos. They include having the right outfits, locations, backgrounds, makeup, and many other details.

Below are my Pre Photo tips that I highly recommend.

Professional Hair & Make-Up

Professional hair & makeup for your photo shoot is essential.

You vs Pro Makeup Artist. It's the difference between your everyday look and looking like a celebrity. The strobe lights and high-quality digital cameras show every detail of your face. A Pro Makeup Artist uses the right colors and a combination of makeup pigments for your particular skin. So, your face will look flawless and smooth even in the bright lights. If you have never had professional makeup for photos, you might see your makeup as being too thick or dark. Resist the urge to touch your face. It will not look that dark in the final edited photos. For these reasons, all of my Packages now include pro hair and makeup.

A note about Natural Makeup Look

Some women believe what looks best for their glamour photos is a natural look. And, that a natural makeup look means wearing a little makeup. However, it's not about a little or a lot of makeup. It's about having the proper makeup for your shoot. Pro Makeup artists are always used in all the Natural makeup photos you see in magazines and on ads. There is no such thing as having a little makeup and achieving a natural look on your own. The makeup process involves more advanced steps. They include applying the right makeup that conceals your blemishes and dark spots. Then, contouring and sculpturing your facial features. Then, warming up your skin tone in the spots needed. Also, a highlighter is added on your cheekbones which bring them out and gives a subtle glow to the face. Eyebrows and lips are filled in and defined. Lastly, your t-zone is touched up to complete the glowing finish. Remember that a photograph isn't real life. Many things that are not noticeable in real life because no one stares at your for so long. But, people can look closely at your photo for as long as they like.

Manicure + Pedicure

For a luxurious glamour photo shoot you need to be well groomed from your head to your toes, and everywhere in between. I always show the hands in my photos. Also, beautiful well-manicured hands are a very feminine feature. So, they need to be freshly done for your shoot. Please have your nails done in solid colors or with little distractions. The shoot is about you and not your nails. The color should complement you and not draw attention away from your assets. Go for pale colors if you can. They are flattering and can be used for different themes and outfits of your photo shoot. French Manicure is excessively overly used and has been popular with the masses since the 1980’s. As a last option, you can purchase press on nails. They will look much better in the photos than not having your nails done at all.

Waxing or shaving

Have your hair from underarm, bikini area, and legs waxed or shaved one day before. Don't wax or shave on the same day of your photo shoot. The sweat and heat can give you a rash that will show in the photos. This is recommended by WebMD.

Read my blog on Waxing or Shaving and if you are doing right here.


Your hairstyle should complement your outfit. If you wear a long-sleeved cocktail dress, opt for a sleek ponytail. For a relaxed, sexy look, go for loose curls, half-up in bobby pins. Remember the shoot is about all of you and the focus is on your face and curves.

No Crash Diets!

Eat healthy foods with good carbs and protein plus fruits and vegetables and drink lots of water several days before your shoot and on the day of your shoot. Do not try to lose a few quick pounds right before your shoot. This will only leave you tired. Many times, I have women come to their photo shoot without eating. Food is fuel and you will need the energy to hold the poses and the right attitude in order to be comfortable and look great in your photos. I can edit your body but I cannot edit your expression or your lack of energy because you are starving or tired. Remember a photo-shoot is not a 2-minute weigh-in. This is at least a 2-hour physical activity. Posing sexy takes work especially if you do you not exercise on a regular basis. Don't be surprised if you are sore the next day after the shoot.

No Self-Tanners!

Self-tanners don't look good in real life, and they look much worst in digital photos. They leave an orange tone on your skin that looks un-human. Plus, it's complicated to color correct during the editing. Besides, your skin will look plastically. Self-tanning cream covers your natural skin's glow. And, it's messy. The cream rubs off on your clothes and anything you touch or lay on. It’s better to look pale and human than orange. I only recommend going to a pro spray tan spa. They know how to achieve natural tan results. Remember to follow all the steps so that your skin looks perfect for the shoot if you get a spray tan. A better option is to go tanning a week before. 3-4 times at the beach or tanning spa will give you a natural tan color. But don’t overdo it and show up with red skin or face! I rather you do nothing than risk a sunburn.

Beach Photo-Shoot

Always bring a towel or 2 (to dry, cover, and for personal use). Sandals (to walk on the hot sand and that can get wet), sunscreen lotion, water. –Did I say pedicure? - Be ready for the Miami heat!

Be well rested! If you normally have trouble opening your eyes in the sun you need to have extra rest and sleep the days leading to your beach shoot. This way you'll be able to hold a pleasant facial expression.

Remember that the sun rises in the east. So, here in Miami Beach, we have only Sunrise beach shoots but no Sunset beach shoots. The Sun at sunset is behind the downtown buildings and the lighting on the beach is very melancholy and not bright.

The best time for a beach shoot is early in the morning or late afternoon. We would start hair and makeup by 7 am so that we are all done with the beach by 10:30 am. I always avoid the midday hours because there are harsh shadows.

The beach is also very empty in the morning.

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Bikini/Swimsuit that's right for you

The material should lay flat like a tight pair of jeans. Choose a swimsuit that lays flat on your body. No extra fabric showing. The material should lay flat like a tight pair of jeans. Plus, the style should fit your body type. The colors you use should enhance your natural skin color. Go for solid colors. They look more luxurious than multi-colors. Keep in mind that the focus is on you and not your bikini. Tops need to have good support if you need a natural lift. If your body is not very toned, don't wear a string bikini because the strings and thin straps will cut into your skin.

Sexy Beach Shoot

I recommend choosing Brazilian-Cut swimsuits. This is not the time to wear something conservative or something you would wear with your family. Choose a sexy, classy, elegant bikini. The best brands carry the best quality; they are stylish and have a cut that is modern, sexy, and not wide. No full bottom, please. This is a sexy glamour shoot and not a family shoot. You are in Miami where less is more.

Best Clothes and Accessories 

Plan your photo shoot ahead. Some colors are not flattering depending on your skin tone. Stripes, in general, are a no-no for photos. If you choose the ever-slimming black ensemble, add a pop of color to your look with a bright, bold accessory. Color always lights up a photograph and adds great depth. Statement necklaces, fabulous deco earrings, or a chunky cocktail ring are great ways to introduce color with jewelry.arrings, or a chunky cocktail ring is a great way to add color with jewelry. 


Just add baby oil gel or oil in the right places. To hydrate the skin for the photo shoot use lotion on body parts like elbows and knees. Remember to bring your lotion for the day of the shoot to reapply as needed. Also, drink lots of water always and get proper rest. Do not party the night before your shoot. Prepare your body by drinking lots of water days before your shoot and getting plenty of rest.

Strike a pose

Chin up, and look right into the lens.  This is a tip that works great for many of my clients. When getting your photo taken, never raise your chin too high or too low. Leave a gap between your arms and your body so that your curves are not lost and your body’s curves are shown. But, don’t worry I will be patience and pose you. I will see through the lens and find your best poses.

Breathe through your mouth

People tend to hold a lot of tension in their mouth when they are nervous in front of the camera. If you find that your mouth looks tense in photos or you want a more natural smile, breathe through your mouth. Instead of a tight smile or trying to close your lips completely, slightly open your mouth and remember to breathe through it and smile! It will look so much more natural and relaxed, rather than a forced smile or tense smirk. 

You are perfect right now

Do not wait to be in better shape, or lose a few pounds, or to have a major change in your life before having your glamour photo shoot.  As they say, the present is a gift, and you will never have this moment again.  Remember that all final images are naturally edited and your best assets will be highlighted. Book your shoot now. Miami Packages.

Be positive! 

Stare directly into the lens and say to yourself, "I'm Beautiful, Elegant, Sexy, and Confident." It sounds silly, but trust me, your eyes will light up when you say positive things to yourself. If you say negative things like "I'm too fat," it will show! Your photo shoot is special. Never again will you be how you are today. These photo moments will be with you for a lifetime. This is your time to shine and be your very best from head to toe. Ready? Let’s make your shoot the best an amazing shoot.