Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

I'm based in Miami, and I mainly shoot in the city of Miami Beach and the downtown Miami area. Topless sunbathing and photography is allowed on the beaches in the city of Miami Beach, and most areas are photo-shoot friendly.

Where are your favorite locations to shoot in Miami?

Because of its natural beauty, its beaches, and architecture, Miami is called the Magic City. Photographers from around the world come to shoot catalogs, music videos, TV series, and movies here. There are endless spots around the city that are great for photoshoots. Most locations are photography friendly and the city of Miami Beach allows topless at the beach. Haulover Beach allows both topless and nude at their beach.

I love shooting on location and using the various fabulous Miami locations that include South Point, the Design District, Ocean Drive, South Beach, Haulover Beach, Lincoln Road, and Brickell. Miami's modern boutique hotels also provide a perfect setting for an indoor glamour shoot.

What hours are you open when do you shoot?

Although I can shoot anytime around your schedule, I prefer to schedule my shoots during the week Monday through Friday to avoid the weekend tourists and crowds.

I shoot at any time be it 5 am or 11 pm, depending on the theme of your shoot.

All Outside Day Shoots are best early in the morning for flattering sunlight and cooler temperatures. Inside shoots can be at any time depending on the effect I want to capture with the windows. 

I highly recommend avoiding weekends, holidays, and event days since they are crazy at all locations, and hotel rates are higher.

How much do you charge per look?

My packages are by the photoshoot are by looks and time packages. I don't chance outfits until I have several excellent photos that capture the theme and the top quality of the shoot. Each look is at least 45 minutes of shooting. Please see my Photo Packages for details.

Time starts when I take the first photo of you. - Initial Hair & Make-up and Setup time do not count towards your package time.

How many edited photos do I get?

Each package has a set number of included edited images. See Photo Packages.

I have never had a professional shoot or it's been a long time. Will you help me with the poses?

Absolutely, this is what being a dedicated professional photographer is all about. I take my time finding your best angles and adjusting the light so that you look as glamorous and sexy as possible. Please subscribe to my Blog to receive free tips on posing and everything you need to be ready for your next shoot.

What happens if I need extra time after my package time is up?

One Extra look is $250 per hour but it does not increase the number of edited photos from your original package.  You can always upgrade to the next package.

Do I get all the unedited photos?

No, because I do not send you the bad photos that came out with your eyes closed or photos that are out-takes. I'll send you only the number of included of unedited photos via download link for you to save to your computer after you have received your edited photos included in your package.  These are the images that once edited will look wonderful. Please view the Photo Packages Page to have the details on your package.

Please save your unedited photos in a secure location such as a free dropbox account or any other cloud service. Due to the high number of files, I will only keep all your photos files a maximum of 6 months.

Can I get the unedited photos in High Resolution?

No, I only provide high resolution files of edited images.  Part of my photography is in the editing, and the final results of my images are not complete until they are edited.  In order to keep a consistent quality output of my photography, I only provide edited images in high resolution.

How long after a shoot do I get the edited images?

Edited images included in your package are delivered via email 10-15 business days after your shoot. I offer an expressed editing service where your edited photos are delivered 3 business days after your shoot.

I only need 30 min or just a few edited photos. Can you give me a mini session?

Even with experienced models, it takes about 45 minutes for them to fully relax and warm up into elegant, sexy poses. Although I am a fast shooter, I do take my time to properly pose and adjust the details in my clients' pose so that the final results are exquisite and glamorous. To achieve the results you see here on my site you need to plan out your shoot with the proper outfits, locations, details, and the minimum is a 2-hour shoot.

What if I need my edited photos right away?

You can upgrade to VIP Express Editing and receive the edited photos 3 business days after your shoot for an additional see details below each package.

How long does it take you to edit each photo?

After I review all the images from the shoot, I make my selections on which images would look the best when they are edited based on what my client wants to communicate with the photos. I make the selections based on the entire image being as elegant, sexy and glamorous as possible. Each photo takes from 1-2 hours to edit per photo.

How long do you keep my photo files for ?

When I send you the link to download your photos and unedited photos please save them to a secure location such as an dropbox or a cloud account.  You can open a free basic dropbox account ( not a trial one - that one will switch over to charging you ) and keep not only all your photos but also documents organized in folders. That way you always have access to your photos even if you don't have your phone or computer anymore.  I will hold your files for up to 6 months after your shoot. After 6 months I can not guaranty that I will still have your files.

Do I have to have professional make-up for the photo-shoot?

When you do not have professional makeup, your face will look very flat and dull. The cosmetic products my professional makeup artist use is made for the studio lights and for HD video.  My photography is about beauty and quality and using the proper makeup to complete your look is one of my key details in my photography.  Clients that value finer things in life will notice when a woman has invested in her appearance. Also, in order for me to edit your face properly, you need professional makeup.

To complete your investment in my photo shoot and receive my full quality results, yes, you do need professional makeup.

Since Professional Hair and MakeUp is one of the key details needed to achieve amazing results, each of my packages now includes Hair and Make-up.

Do you have a make-up artist you recommend?


Absolutely, I have a team of several professional highly experienced makeup and hair artist that I have been working with for many years. All of them are excellent and always produce fantastic makeup on all types of skin tones.

I am an African-American, and I have had bad experiences with makeup artists. Does your make-up artist have experience with dark skin?

Yes! I used to shoot for Urban Magazines and the make-up artist team that I used are all highly skilled professionals.  Their work is what you see on my photos on my site.

Do you have a studio? Where do you shoot your  Glamour Shoots ?

In general I do not shoot Glamour Shoots in my studio which is only used for commercial photography with solid backgrounds where there focus is on the outfit and not on you. Glamour photos themes feel better in a hotel, mansion, or private location where the decor of the location will complement the theme of your shoot.  Your photo's location and background should complement your theme to a natural location for the outfit you are wearing.  I love to shoot on location and this way I can offer a larger variety of settings for my clients.  If you are not from Miami, you can stay at one of the recommended hotels that are great for photoshoots.

Which hotels do you recommend for me to stay while in Miami?

I have a list of hotels that I highly recommend for photoshoot because they look great in photos and because I have permission from the hotel manager to shoot on the property.  Click here to see the list of recommended Miami Hotels for photoshoots.

What if I am not staying in a hotel in Miami?

There are many beautiful free location here in the Greater Miami Area.  If you would like a private inside shoot the best options are a beautiful hotel room that complements your theme.

How do I send you my deposit?

Please contact me and I'll send you an invoice. I accept Zelle Bank Transfer, Venmo, and PayPal. Paypal accepts any major credit or debit card and you do not need to have a Paypal account.